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Erl McLaughlin has a love of agricultural bordering on obsession. He has been collecting antique tractors since 1983, restoring them to their original glory and storing them in a 40’ x 220’ metal shop on his property. If people hear about his antique tractor and farm implement collection, and they want to see it, they call Erl on his cell phone. They will likely catch him farming his fields. When he receives a call, Erl jumps down from his tractor, the one he uses to farm today, and he brushes the dirt and the dust from his jeans, and he meets you at his showroom, if you can call it that, because really is just a big metal shop off a dirt road. But it contains an incredible collection of agricultural history. With over 35 antique tractors and as many farm implements dating from as far back as 1835 -- many pieces are extremely rare -- it is one man’s monumental tribute to the agricultural heritage of North America in the 1800’s and 1900’s. The collection includes four hard rubber tire trucks from 1918, a number of horse drawn wagons, original cast iron tractor seats, and authentic vintage signs.
By Appointment Only Anytime. Please call 541-426-4407 or 541-263-0755 Admission FREE: Donations gladly accepted for future projects.

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Because   Erl   is   driven   by   passion,   you   will   find   his   showroom   without   some   common   things   that   you   might   expect   from   such   a one-of-a-kind   display.   The   showroom   sits   just   off   a   dirt   road.   There   is   no   formal   parking   lot.   There   is   no   lobby,   no   place   to buy   a   ticket,   no   kitschy   museum   gift   shop   selling   cheap   Oregon   Trail   themed   key   chains   and   other   souvenirs.   There   is   only one   man’s   commitment   to   finding,   restoring   and   celebrating   antique   tractors   in   one   of   the   nicest   privately   owned   facilities   in the Pacific Northwest.
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